Directory of Denominations
Here is a list of each denomination. Each one is a link which will take you to a description of that denomination, short history, contact details and links to their websites.
Inclusion in this list does not imply approval of the organisations beliefs or methods, neither does omission imply disapproval. This list is a display of the great breadth of diversity in the peoples that call themselves Christian. Description in italics gives: model (i.e. Protestant), ministry (i.e. Presbyteral = single layer), Trinitarian or not. Such a short description cannot possibly give the whole picture of the denomination, and many hold unique viewpoints on many subjects. Please see the complete description and the denominations own websites. Any missing? Please let us know.
Adventist Church (also known as Seventh Day Adventist) Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian

. Pentecostal, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
Apostolic Episcopal Church  Catholic, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Anglican Church  Catholic (reformed), Episcopal, Trinitarian
Assemblies of God

Australian Old Catholic Church  
Catholic, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch Catholic, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Christadelphian Church  Protestant, Co-equal fellowship, Unitarian
Church of the Brethren  Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
Church for the Nations

Catholic (reformed) Episcopal, Trinitarian
Church of God

Church of Jesus Christ of the Latterday Saints (also known as Mormons)
Church of the Nazarene
Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
Church of Scotland
Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
Church in Ireland  Catholic (reformed) Episcopal, Trinitarian
Church in Wales  
Catholic (reformed) Episcopal, Trinitarian
Community Churches

Congregational Church
Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
Coptic Church  
Coptic, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Ecclesia Gnostica Pneumatica  
Esoteric, Episcopal, Gnostic
Elim Church Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
Evangelical Churches

Father's House Church

First Church of Christ Scientist
Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
 Catholic, Episcopal, Trinitarian
 Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
Greek Orthodox Church  Orthodox, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Independent Churches/Clergy
Jehovah's Witnesses  Protestant, Ministry of believers, Unitarian
Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church  Catholic, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Liberal Catholic Church Catholic, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Lutheran Church  Protestant, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Protestant, Presbyteral (Episcopal in US), Trinitarian
Metropolitan Community Church
Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
New Life Churches

Non Denominational Congregations  

Old Catholic Apostolic Church Catholic, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Old Roman Catholic Church  Catholic, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Orthodox Church  Orthodox,  Episcopal, Trinitarian
Presyterian Church Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
Co-equal fellowship, Trinitarian, Esoteric
Roman Catholic Church  Catholic, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Russian Orthodox Church  Orthodox, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Salvation Army  
Protestant, Multi-rank pragmatic ministry, Trinitarian
Scottish Episcopal Church  
Catholic (reformed), Episcopal, Trinitarian
Society of Friends (Quakers) 
Co-equal fellowship, Trinitarian, Esoteric
Spiritual Gnostic Church Catholic, Episcopal, Trinitarian, Esoteric, Gnostic
Spiritualist Church Theosophical
Unitarian Church
Protestant, Presbyteral, Unitarian
United Church of Christ Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
Protestant, Presbyteral, Trinitarian
 Catholic, Episcopal, Trinitarian
Vineyard Churches Protestant, Presbyteral, Evangelical
Waters Edge Church
Non-denominational, Pragmatic Ministry
YWCA  Non-denominational, Pragmatic Ministry