Directory of Ancient & Modern Christian Leaders
Here is a list of well known and some not so well known characters who have helped to shape what we know today as the Christian Faith. Each one is (will be)  a link which will take you to a description of that person, and a short history and explanation of what their contribution was. These people have not been 'canonised' (which is recognised as saints), and some are maybe more deserving than those who are. Those who are recognised as saints are listed in our Directory of Saints. Biblical characters are not listed here either, being listed in the Biblical Characters directory.  Those in italics are not, or would not have described themselves as, 'Christian'; their role has nevertheless helped the Christian faith in its development. This list is not complete. If you would like to propose someone for this list please contact us.

Abelard, Peter. (AD 1142)
Acacius,  (AD 489)    Patriarch of Constantinople
Aeschylus    (BC 456)
Ainslie, James L.
Alexander, Cecil Frances  (AD 1895)
Andrewes, Lancelot.  (AD 1626).  Bishop of Winchester
Apollinarius, (circa AD 390) Bishop of Laodicea
Aristotle (BC 322)
Arius (AD 336)
Arminius (AD 1609)
Aulen, Gustav, Bishop of Strangnas
Aurelien, Emperor (AD 275)

Barlow, William.  (AD 1568) Bishop of Winchester
Barnabas, Patriarch of Yugoslavia
Barrow, Isaac. (AD 1677)
Barth, Karl.  Theologian
Bate, Alistair (Mar Alexei) Bishop, Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church, Province of Scotland.
Baxter, Richard (AD 1691)
Beibitz, Joseph Hugh.
Belisarius (AD 565) Roman general.
Benson, Richard Meux (AD 1915)
Berends, John Herman. (AD1940) Bishop of Deventer
Berkeley, George. (AD1753) Bishop of Cloyne
Bernard, John Henry (AD 1927) Archbishop of Dublin
Bicknell Edward John (AD 1934)
Blunt John Henry (AD 1884)
Bossuet Jaques Benigne (AD 1704) Bishop of Meaux
Boynton, Nehemiah
Bramley Henry Ramsden
Brilioth Yngve. Bishop of Vaxjo
Brooke, Rupert (AD1915)
Browning, Robert (AD 1889)
Brucer, Martin (AD 1551) Reformer.
Bugenhagen, John. (AD 1558). Reformer
Bulgakov, Sergius.
Bunyan, John. (AD 1688)
Burkitt, Francis Crawford
Butler, Joseph. (AD 1752) Bishop of Durham
Butler, Samuel. (AD 1680). Satirist.
Byrne, Donn. Novelist

Cadoux, Cecil John.
Calvin, John
Campbell, John McLeod. (AD 1872).
Carey, George. Abp Canterbury.
Carranza, Bartholomew. (AD 1576) Archbishop of Toledo
Caswall Edward. (AD 1878)
Celestine I. (AD 432) Bishop of Rome
Chabot, Monsigneur.
Chardon, Mathius (Charles). (AD 1775)
Charles the Great, Emperor. (AD 814)
Chalmers, Thomas
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith
Chryaphius (AD 450)
Clarke, Samuel. (AD 1729)
Clarke, William Kemp Lowther
Clement XI,  Pope. (AD 1721)
Codde,  Peter. (AD 1710). Archbishop of Utrecht.
Coke, Thomas. Methodist preacher.
Colenso, John William. (AD 1883) Bishop of Natal.
Coles, Vincent Stuckey.
Confucius (BC 478)
Constantine I. (AD 337)
Constantine V. (AD775)
Constantine VI. (AD 797)
Coverdale, Miles.  (AD 1568) Bishop of Exeter.
Cowper, William. (AD 1800)
Cranmer, Thomas. (AD 1556) Archbishop of Canterbury.
Curwen, Hugh. (AD 1568)  Archbishop of Dublin.

Dakin A
Damasus (AD384)
Dante (AD 1321)
Darwin, Charles (AD 1882)
Davenport, Christopher (AD 1680)
David, (King David, Psalms of)
Dearmer, Percy (AD xx)
Denny, Edward
Dioscorus, Archbishop of Alexandria (AD 451)
Dollinger, Ignatius von (AD 1890)
Dominis, Marcantanio de, Archbishop of Split (AD 1624)
Dublanchy, E
Duns Scotus (c AD 1308)
Du Pin, Louis E. (AD 1919)

Elizabeth, HM Queen I (AD 1603) (& Calvinism)
Elizabeth, HM Queen II (AD 19??) Head of The Church of England.
Erasmus (AD 1536)
Eusebius, Bishop of Nicomedia. (c AD 341)

Faber, Frederick William (AD 1863)
Field, Richard (AD 1616)
Figgis, John Neville (AD 1919)
Flavian, Bishop of Constantinople (AD 449)
Florovsky, George
Frere, Walter. Bishop of Truro (AD 1938)
Freud, Sigmund.

Gardiner, Stephen. Bishop of Winchester (AD 1855)
Gavin, Frank
Gayford, Sydney Charles
Gelasius, Pope (AD 496)
Gibbon, Edward (AD 1794)
Gibson, Edgar Charles Sumner. Bishop of Gloucester (AD 1923)
Gladstone William Ewart (AD 1898)
Glover, Mary Baker. (formerly Eddy, Mary Baker) founder First Church of Christ, Scientist.
Glover, Adrian Stephen. (AD 1960 - ) Pastor General, Cross Denominational Mission. Vicar General, Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church.
Gordon, Robert. Nonjuring Bishop
Gore, Charles. Bishop of Oxford (AD 1932)
Goudge, Henry Leighton
Gregg, John Allen Fitzgerald. Archbishop of Armagh.
Gregory III, Pope (AD 741)
Gregory VII, Pope (AD 1085)

Hadrian I, Pope (AD 795)
Hall, A. C. A. Bishop of Vermont
Hall, Frederick J.
Hall, Joseph. Bishop of Norwich (AD 1656)
Hamilton, H. F.
Harris, Charles (AD 1936)
Hawarden, Edward (AD 1735)
Headlam, Arthur Cayley. Bishop of Gloucester.
Hefele, Karl von. Bishop of Rottenburg (AD 1893)
Hegel, George (AD 1831)
Henry VIII HM King. (AD 1547)
Heraclius, Emperor. (AD 641)
Herbert, George. (AD 1633)
Herodotus (425 BC)
Hobbes, Thomas (AD 1679)
Hodgkins, John. Bishop of Bedford
Holland, Henry Scott
Homer. Poet.
Honorius, Pope (AD 638)
Hooker, Richard (AD 1600)
Horace. (8 BC)
Hosius. Bishop of Cordova (AD 359)
Hugel, Freidrich von (AD 1925)
Huss, John (AD 1415)
Hutchinson, William Oliver. Founder of the (non-episcopal) Apostolic & Apostolic Faith Churches.

Ibas. Bishop of Edessa (AD 457)
Innocent III, Pope. (AD 1216)
Innocent X, Pope. (AD 1655)

Jansen, Cornelius. Bishop of Ypres. (AD 1638)
Jewel, John. Bishop of Salisbury (AD 1571)
John. Bishop of Antioch.
John, Philoponos, Tritheist.
Jordan, George Jeffries.
Julian. Bishop of Puteoli
Justinian, Emperor. (AD 565)

Kant, Immanuel (AD 1804)
Keble, John. (AD 1866)
Ken, Thomas. Bishop of Bath & Wells (AD 1711)
Kersey, John. (Mar Johannes III) Metropolitan of Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church.
Kingsley, Charles (AD 1875)
Kipling Rudyard. (AD 1936) Author.
Knox, Edmund Arbuthnott. Bishop of Manchester
Knox, John. (AD 1572) Reformer.

Lake, Kirsopp.
Lamb, Charles (AD 1834)
Laud, William. Archbishop of Canterbury. (AD 1645)
Leadbeater, Charles. Bishop. Founder Liberal Catholic Church.
Leibnitz, Gottfried. (AD 1716)
Leo IX, Pope (AD 1054)
Leo XIII, Pope (AD 1903)
Leo the Isaurian, Emperor. (AD 741)
Lewis. C. S. Author
Liddon, Henry Parry (AD 1890)
Linley, Andrew. (Mar Andreas) Co-Adjutor Primate of Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church.
Lombard, Peter (AD 1160)
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. (AD 1882)
Louis XIV King of France. (AD 1715)
Lucaris, Cyril. Patriarch of Constantinople. (AD 1637)
Lull, Raymond (AD 1315)
Luther, Martin. Reformer

Macaulay, Thomas Babington, (AD 1859)
Macedonius, Bishop of Constantinople. (AD 360)
Maclagan, Bishop of Ancyra
Marcian, Emperor. (AD 457)
Marcion. (c AD 165) considered Heretic.
Marlowe, Christopher (AD 1593)
Marsh, G. H.
Mary I, HM Queen.
Masefield, John.
Mason, Arthur James (AD 1928)
Maximian. Bishop of Constantinople (AD 434)
Melanchthon, Philip (AD 1560)
Memnon. Bishop of Ephesus
Meredith, George (AD 1909)
Mill, John Stuart (AD 1873)
Milton, John (AD 1674)
Moberly, Robert Campbell (AD 1903)
Montgomery, James (AD 1854)

Napoleon I (AD 1821)
Neale, John Mason (AD 1866)
Nestorious, Bishop of Constantinople (c AD 451)
Newman, John Henry (AD 1890). Catholic Cardinal. Statue outside Brompton Oratory, London.
Noailles, Louis Antoine de. Archbishop of Paris (AD 1729)

Origen (AD 254)

Pain, Raymond (d.  AD 2004) Deputy World Chief Overseer, Apostolic faith Church.
Palmer, William (AD 1885)
Parker, Matthew. Archbishop of Canterbury (AD 1575)
Pascal, Blaise (AD 1662)
Pass, Herbert Leonard
Paul of Samosata. Bishop of Antioch (AD 292)
Peter the Great. Russian Emperor (AD 1725)
Philaret, Metropolitan of Moscow. (AD 1867)

Smith, Joseph. Mormon.

Taylor, Eric. Bishop. Liberal catholic. one time speaker of House of Commons.
Tutu, Desmond. Anglican archbishop.

van Alphen, Johannes Bishop. Liberal catholic.

Wedgewood. Bishop Founder Liberal Catholic.
Wesley, Charles. Anglican priest, Hymn writer and founder (with his brother John) of Methodist Churches
Wesley, John. Anglican priest. Founder of Methodist Churches
Williams, Rowan. Abp of Canterbury.
Whitfield Joseph. Methodist preacher
Wolseley, Cardinal.
Wycliffe, John. Reformer.