About the Mission & who we are
The Christian church for various reasons has found itself divided into groups called denominations. At one time these were to reconcile differences in opinion amongst the believers. Lately, there have been attempts to merge churches, to combine congregations. This is noble. However, we believe that the diversity of the denominations is in itself a strength. Not all flowers are the same. God's promise is the sign of the rainbow: not all the colours are the same. They all belong there. They all should be side by side. The rainbow would be incomplete if any one colour was missing.
If we are blue, we should not pretend to be red. If we are green, we should not try to smother out yellow. We all belong. We're meant to be here. The denominations have grown up for their various reasons and have been shaped by history, and indeed they have shaped history. They need celebrating, not diminishing or merging. Co-operation is fine, mutual respect and working for common aims and goals: noble. However, let us not work towards a Christian monolith. We need to be the many, worshipping the One God.

This mission exists to promote the strengths of the various denominations by education and support. It also supports, by inclusion, independants and non-denominationals. It is not our job to promote one denomination above another, or to judge their systems or merits, or to condemn aspects of their belief. Everyone is responsible for their own salvation. We will support each and every Christian either as a part of a denomination or as an individual.

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Contact Us:  We are all part-time so email is our preferred mode of communication.email: pastor@crossdenominationalmission.org.ukphone: 07765 481114  Leave a message or better still send a text (of course, email is better again!) post: 44, Horsham Avenue, Bournemouth, United Kingdom, BH10 7JD. This is a mail receiving address only; there is no facility to receive visitors.

Pastor GeneralThe Rt. Revd. Adrian S. Glover OCR, OSJ. - Pastor General
Became Methodist Lay Preacher in 1991, ordained in Apostolic Faith Church in 1996,
serving as Overseer, a position equivalent to Bishop. Incardinated into the Liberal Rite, which merged with the Ancient Catholic Church to become the Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church.  Consecrated Titular Bishop of Naim in 2009 of that church and later elected Presiding Bishop of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church, when LCAC changed its name. Adrian is also General Secretary of the Independent Catholic Churches Council (ICCC).  Click here to see credentials.

Revd. Richard Davis-BarnsThe Revd. Richard is pastor in Sussex and Kent. He has worked in various churches over the years and comes from a catholic background. Serving also as priest in OCAC, he has a productive ecumenical outreach on the South Kent coast, and is pleased to offer funeral, wedding and other life services.

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Revd Jon ChapmanThe Revd. Jon Chapman is pastor in Cheltenham and Gloucester. Jon like various forms of liturgies in worship, but has a strong pastoral and caring identity in his serving. He offers wedding and funeral ministry as required. Revd Jon also serves as priest in OCAC.

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Mike YoungMr Mike Young, RSStS - Lay Pastor. Mike comes from a Quaker background and is our PrayerTree co-ordinator.  He joined the Liberal Catholic Church in 1995, receiving confirmation from the late Bishop Johannes van Alphen.  Mike has a wide and varied understanding of denominational history and is a member of the Religious Society of St Simon. In secular life he has a Civil Service background.
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Bishop David UptonThe Rt. Revd David Upton is an inactive bishop and pastor in this mission. In secular life David is a Nurse. As a pastor in CDM, David is honoured to serve by offering funeral ministry, baptisms and naming ceremonies, weddings and partnership blessings. Click here to see credentials

Bishop Andrew HallThe Rt. Revd. Andrew Hall is an OCAC bishop and pastor in this mission. Bishop Andrew serves as Rector of St Kentigerns in Glasgow and is President of the Religious Society of St Simon which is a Old Catholic Apostolic Church society that he serves in a spirit of ecumenical outreach. In secular life he works in the security profession. As a pastor in CDM, Andrew is pleased to offer funerals, baptisms, naming ceremonies and other life experience services.
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Dorothy ShurgrueThe Very Revd. Dorothy Shugrue. Dorothy is an OCAC priest and comes from a catholic background. She spent many years as a member of the community of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Dot+ has become our representative in the movement for Roman Catholic Women Priests in the USA.  In addition to her serving as a priest, she serves also as chaplain in the hospice care environment.  
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Revd. Carol Anne SearleRevd. Carol-Anne lives and serves in Southwest Scotland in the OCAC parish of St Margarets. Revd Carol Ann was ordained Deacon in Edinburgh in 2010 and priest in 2011. She is also qualified as an Interfaith Minister.

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Revd Will PritchardRevd. Will Pritchard. Will is an interfaith minister and pastor in California USA. Baptised and confirmed by the Lutheran Church, Will went on to seek spiritual enlightenment elsewhere in his teens and twenties. Namely through loud rock music, esoteric doctrines on magic and the burning of noxious substances. With over a decade of experience and study within the near and far reaches of philosophical thought, Will can relate to quite a variety of personal spiritual experience.  Will has an active ministry and outreach and is also training for priesthood in the OCAC.
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Revd Elaine WaterfieldThe Revd. Elaine Waterfield is pastor in Kenya, working with the community at Chingni in Migori a remote part of Kenya under the religious name Sr Nya Suna which means daugher of Suna. Revd Elaine worked previously with Bishop Andrew Hall in Glasgow before starting her work with the orphans in Kenya and so she has a wide range of pastoral experience.
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