Just about every human alive has heard of the Bible. Nearly everyone knows it is the main Christian scripture, and that more books of the Bible have been printed throughout the ages than any other. But what is the Bible? What is it for? How is it used? What is its history? I hope the following will be interesting to those who are new and just starting out in Christianity, but I hope this will also prove useful to old hands. After all, we can sometimes be so close that we miss things!

The Books of the Bible -
The Books of the Bible - New Testament
The Books of the Bible - the Apochrypha
The Books of the Bible - the missing ones

Original Scripts

Using the Bible
How some abuse the Bible
'Biblical' Scripture that is not in the Bible
Bible Reading Schemes
Famous quotes and passages and their meanings
The various translations - Which one is best? What is the difference?
The Lectionary - a 'timetable' of Bible readings for use in worship

The International Bible Society
The Gideons