Voluntary jobs with us
ChurchThere are a number of opportunities for voluntary Christian work in this mission. If you are looking for an opportunity to serve the Lord for a few hours each week at times to fit in with your week, please consider the jobs below.  You'll need to have a computer, connected to the internet (you have: or you can't be reading this!). You do not need to be a computer 'expert', but you'll need to be able to enter information into, and send emails. You must have (or want) a live church connection. In other respects, age, gender or sexual orientation are not important, Jesus welcomes all to God's Kingdom. These jobs may be most satisfying to those who are wanting to do voluntary work, but for whatever reason find working from home important. We do however, need people with a realistic level of commitment (which is not measured in hours), as the Lords work is important!

We are a 'proper' Christian Voluntary Organisation and so we have a Constitution, a Volunteer Policy and a Code of Conduct.

Some of the churches we work with take people who want to train for ministry. If you would like to explore this further, please contact us ( & our own pastor is looking for a person to serve at the altar in Bournemouth).

Volunteer Secretary to our pastor needed
This will be a good opportunity for volunteer Christian serving. We have plenty of valuable things to do, and this can be done at home and at times to suit you. Computer is needed, but not computer expertise. There will be meetings and possibly contacts in the South East Dorset/Bournemouth & Poole Area. You will get to meet and join with all our people and contacts worldwide. Interested? Contact us and we'll tell you more.

General website contributor needed (This job is now filled, but due to popularity, we need another!)
Helping to compile lists of Hymns, Directories (of Saints for example), creating resources for churches and so on. Computer is needed, but not computer expertise.
Interested? Contact us and we'll tell you more.

We're looking for other people to help too:

Prayer People (just people who receive a list of prayer requests and pray through the list at home).
People who can sew... vestments etc !