Other Scripture
Although the Bible is without doubt the most significant of Christian Scripture, it is often thought to be the only Christian Scripture. There are many other sources of 'scripture' and inspired writings, many very profound. Sadly overlooked, these compliment the message of the Bible and help to expand our understanding of God's Word. Not all inspired writings can be called scripture, of course, and I know that some reading this will not agree that they are scripture at all. I've included here some of the creeds and liturgies that have been recited throughout history and have become loved and regarded as nearly as important as the Bible itself. If that is not your view, that's okay, but don't underestimate the great contribution to Christianity that these have made. We must also understand that many do see these as nearly as important as the Bible. Whilst I don't accept all of them myself, I think I am within the latter group.

Apostles Creed
Athanasian Creed
Nicean Creed
Hail Mary
Lords Prayer - is Biblical
The Magnificat - is Biblical

The Nunc Dimittis - is Biblical
The Kyries
The Sanctus - is Biblical
The 39 Articles
Papal Dogmas
Pliny's letter to Emperor Trojan
Te Deum
Westminster Confession
Science & Health (Authorised Literature of First Church of Christ Scientist)
The Book of the Mormon