PrayertreeA PrayerTree is an organised team of people, who regularly and systematically pray for the needy and sick, world events and so on. They pray for good, helpful things too; like forthcoming events, church growth and so on.  Numerous churches have prayertrees, and you can't have too many!  Our PrayerTree is multidenominational, which is a little unusual.

The Prayer Co-ordinator (Mike Young RSStS) will co-ordinate the prayer tree and recruits members of the churches to join. Members commitment is to receive a list of subjects that need prayer each week and Mike will distribute that list to the members (email will be the only method of communication). The members will then pray about the subjects listed, at any time they choose.

This way, we have a network of prayer that we as a church & mission may use to bring a blanket of coverage to issues important to our people. Naturally, you don't need to be a member to pray; but this does mean that those issues important to us as a movement can be prayed about in an organised, respectable fashion. It will also comfort those in need to know that a team of people will be holding their problem before the Lord. Members in the PrayerTree are of course, encouraged to continue their own courses of prayer: This is in addition to what we do now.

Anyone can send a need to the Prayer Co-ordinator for inclusion in the list, anonymously or by name. Any subject can be sent in, but the Prayer Co-ordinator will change offensive or abusive requests into meaningful prayer offerings before putting them on the list.

We have encouraged those who have a chapel or an oratory to register to receive the weekly list as prayers ascending before the altar are particularly effective.

The Prayer Co-ordinator:
1. Creates and maintains a list of members on the prayer tree.
2. Creates a list of items to be prayed over.
3. Distributes that list weekly by email.
4. Receives the emails requesting prayers.
5. Receives emails forwarded from church or individuals websites.
6. Where names and identities are inappropriate, removes or 'anonymises' them.
7. Changes any unwelcome or offensive prayers into general subjects of prayer in order to help the troubled soul who sent it in.
8. Will always adhere to the CDM code of conduct and Volunteer policy.
9. Will keep the Pastor General updated on all situations.

Members responsibilities:
1. Members will be required to promise complete confidentiality, at all times.
2. Members will safely destroy any prayer requests after use.
3. Members are not compelled to pray about any subject that they in conscience cannot do.
4. Members can of course send items in for inclusion on the prayer list
5. Will always adhere to the CDM code of conduct and Volunteer policy.

To send in a prayer request or to join the PrayerTree email: