Sr. Nya Suna - Kenya
Revd Elaine WaterfieldThe Revd. Elaine Waterfield is missionary in Kenya, working with the community at Chingni in Migori a remote part of Kenya under the religious name Nya Suna which means daugher of Suna. Revd Elaine worked previously with Bishop Andrew Hall in Glasgow before starting her work with the orphans in Kenya and so she has a wide range of pastoral experience. Sr Nya Suna's priorities are girl's child education by having girls football tournaments for primary as well as secondary schools to raise the profile in order to stop girls dropping out through pregnancies and early marriages for dowry. Football kit has been provided through donations for football and rugby for the boys. A clinic and a labour ward has been raised and we have a small braille library. Presently, building materials are being gathered and volunteer labour is building a new orphanage building, to contain the work and outreach. All this is in addtion to being an active preacher, missionary and pastor.

Sr Nya Suni also contributes to OCAC, and the work of the overall church.

 Sr Nya Suni, the Revd. Elaine Waterfield
Missionary, Cross Denominational Mission.

Full CRB check held.
Certificate of Ordination (non apostolic)
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